Day and night
prayer and worship
for the fullness of God

Vision of Prayer

God is our great treasure. Nothing compares to the joy and delight of knowing God. As such, we gladly pour our time and energy at Christ’s feet in affectionate adoration and persistent prayer. Our desire is to see a resting place for the Lord established in Colorado Springs (Psalm 132:1-7). Therefore, we are committed to building an altar of praise to the Lord where songs of love and adoration can be offered to him day and night.

Central to our prayer room is our value for breakthrough intercession. We want all that God has for us and as such we intercede believing that God will respond to our corporate cry for his Kingdom to break into our families, cities, nation, and across the earth.

In order to promote corporate unity and engagement in every prayer meeting we utilize two specific prayer and worship models:

Intercession sets are rooted in the conviction that prayer alone removes every obstacle to the gospel. We believe that the release of the fullness of God is intricately connected to faith-filled, day-and-night prayer (Luke 18:7). We pray with urgency and consistency for our city, America, and the nations believing that God moves at the sound of our voice.

Worship With The Word
This prayer model is built upon our love and allegiance to God’s word. We desire that the word of God would dwell richly in our hearts (Col. 3:16) therefore, we set apart these times for singing, praying, and meditating upon the Bible.

Prayer Room Schedule

We would love to have you join us as we give our love and devotion to Jesus. Here is our current schedule.

Prayer Room Location

Our prayer room is located in the building of Every Home for Christ at 640 Chapel Hills Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920.

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School of Frontier Missions

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