Summer Experience
Joyful worship. Contending prayer. Evangelism to the unreached.
Experience God. Prayer. Missions.


Spend your summer outreach on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea engaging in contending prayer and bold evangelism in a vibrant Muslim context.

Boldly proclaim the Gospel in the Horn of Africa and spend time with your team interceding in prayer for the nation and its people.

Experience God’s heart through prayer and evangelism for a city filled with rich history and millions who have never heard the Good News.

Take the love of Jesus to the heights of the Himalayas on a trek to remote villages where you will pray for the sick, love the poor, and distribute Gospel literature.


Dates TBD
Cost: $3,450
Deposit: $250
Applications Deadline: May 15th, 2020

Sample Schedule

Day 1: Briefing, Colorado Springs
Day 2-15: Outreach
Day 16-18: Debrief, Colorado Springs
Day 18: Departure Day

Additional Information

Summer Experience is designed for college students and young adults to spend two weeks engaging in missions within the 10/40 window. Students will receive hands-on training in Gospel proclamation while participating daily in joyful worship and contending prayer amongst some of the most unreached places of the world.

Outreach teams will be formed for each location near the application deadline, once all applications and deposits are received. ACTS staff will then communicate location assignments and preparations for the trip via email and team-specific video conference calls. Prior to departure, all participants will attend a brief training in Colorado Springs. Once overseas, participants will be sent out into the city to explore, pray, lay hands on the sick, and proclaim the good news of the Gospel. Following the overseas portion of Summer Experience, all teams will return to Colorado for debriefing to reconnect with the other outreach teams and share extraordinary testimonies from the field.


Who should attend?
Summer Experience is intended for students and young adults who love Jesus and want to experience the love that the Father has for them and the nations of the world. The program is open to young adults starting at age 17.

Where is Summer Experience held?
The briefing and debriefing portion of Summer Experience will be hosted in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at Every Home for Christ (EHC). The outreach portion of the program takes place in various locations across the 10/40 window.

What should I pack?
Packing lists will be sent by ACTS staff once teams are finalized. Cultural clothing requirements, weather, and specific necessities are dependent on location.

Have more questions?
For more information, please contact us at