ACTS School of Ministry

We believe that God is raising up messengers, intercessors, and worshippers all across the earth. Join us as we labor to see Jesus glorified in this generation!

Applications now open for our January 2024 School


The ACTS School of Ministry exists to raise up wholehearted messengers, intercessors, and worshippers that will exalt Jesus and labor for His glorification across the earth.

Who Should Apply?

The ACTS School of Ministry is for those hungry, thirsty, and desperate souls; it is for those who know that there is more for them and their generation. If you desire to burn for Jesus, exalt Him in worship, change the world in intercession, and proclaim His name, this school is for you.

Where, When, and How Much?

The ACTS School of Ministry is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado. In partnership with HOUSE Denver, school of ministry students will be immersed into the life of the church, Prayer Room, and community. Phase 1 of the School of Ministry begins in January and ends in May. Tuition for Phase 1 is $3,950.


Throughout history, we see that there comes a time in every generation where a people take their stand against darkness. Those who have been captured by a higher vision than what is being offered by the culture of the day, namely a vision for eternity. Today, God is awakening a cry in the heart of a generation, a cry for more.

Across the Earth, the Spirit of God is raising up worshippers who will lay hold of God in the place of prayer and fasting. Even as John the Baptist was called to be a voice in the wilderness, the Lord is calling forth young men and women to the ministry of hiddenness. Discontent with the plastic of popularity and powerless Christianity, the cry of the Baptizer is sounding through a generation: “He must increase, I must decrease.”

As darkness increases and the love of many grows cold, there is a light shining from the womb of the morning. A volunteer people that will offer themselves freely to the Lord is arising. The time has come for worshippers, intercessors, and messengers to go forth as voices in the wilderness crying out, “make straight the way of the Lord!";

If you desire to join God’s story for our generation, to wholeheartedly love Jesus, and build life-long spiritual friendship, we invite you to apply for our in-person or online schools! Applying for the ACTS School of Ministry takes about 25-minutes and could dramatically transform your life.

There are three simple steps to apply for our schools.

1. Apply online here (plan for this to take about 25-minutes)

2. Submit your application fee of $50 – this will secure your spot in our admissions processes

3. Personal interview – upon your competition of your application you will be contacted within 5-business days by our leadership team to schedule a phone / zoom interview. This is where we get to meet you and you get to meet us to ask any and all questions you may have!

Q: What is the school schedule? 

A: The ACTS School of Ministry is a part-time school with the following schedule of 6AM-12 PM, Monday-Thursday. Core Groups on Tuesday nights, monthly Saturday outreach, and Sunday services. In total, students can expect to spend 30-hours a week together in the school.

Q: How long is the school?

A: ACTS School of Ministry is a 16-week program with optional Phase 2 and Phase 3 programs upon successful completion of Phase 1. Students can expect to be envisioned, trained, and equipped in the foundations necessary to becoming a wholehearted disciple and voice to a generation.

Q: What are the Differences between Phase 1 and Phase 2?

A: Phase 1 exists to envision and equip you for a life as an intercessor, messenger, and worshipper. Phase 2 is focused on leadership development and engaging you in the work of ministry to the Lord and discipleship.

Q: Do you have to finish both Phases?

A: We believe that each phase will be highly transformative for students, so we encourage you to complete Phase 1. As well, if you are interested in Phase 2, we ask that you successfully complete Phase 1.

Q: What does tuition cover?

A: There are many costs that go into the ACTS School of Ministry, all of which are meant to serve students in encountering Jesus and being equipped in ministry. Tuition covers books, classroom materials, building costs, teachers, community building, and many of the logistics required to serve students in their experience in the school.

Q: Is there housing provided for students?

A: Yes! We are happy to offer student housing for ACTS School of Ministry students. Housing is not included in tuition and is available at an additional cost of $950/month. We highly recommend student housing as it is a great way to grow in friendship and community with fellow students. To learn more about housing please contact us at

Q: Is the ACTS School of Ministry a part of HOUSE Denver?

A: Yes, the ACTS School of Ministry is excited to be a part of HOUSE Denver! Students will be immersed into the life of the church community, Prayer Room, Sunday services, and serving within its various ministry expressions. Click here to learn more about HOUSE Denver.

Q: Are there payment plan options for the school?

A: Yes. Payment plans are also available upon request. For more information about payment plans please feel free to contact us at



Next School Begins

January 2024


There are two phases of training in the ACTS School of Ministry. Phase 1 will be a life changing experience as you encounter Jesus, change the world in prayer, and build lifelong spiritual friendships. Training and curriculum will be primarily focused on envisioning students for a life of prayer, intimacy with Jesus, and depth in the word of God. As well, Phase 1 focuses on equipping students with the necessary tools to wholeheartedly pursue Jesus, grow in prayer, and understand the word of God. Phase 2 exists to engage students that have completed Phase 1 in a life of ministry to the Lord, disciple making, declaration of the gospel, and service to the Church. Students will receive hands-on training experience in the context of day and night ministry to the Lord. Phase 2 is designed to raise up and train leaders for the great commission.


A central value to the ACTS School of Ministry is God Centered Community. In Acts 2:42-47 we see a description of a community committed to a regular rhythm of prayer, the word, service, and fellowship with one another. Students can expect to be immersed into the life of community during their time in the ACTS School of Ministry. We believe that lifelong spiritual friendships will be formed, hearts will be provoked in godliness, and a corporate cry for the fullness of God will arise in the midst of community life in the school. As well, students can expect to have the opportunity to serve together in a number of different contexts, to share meals together, and to have a lot of fun in the midst of the training program.


The ACTS School of Ministry Online exists to empower, train, and equip you to become an intercessory messenger in the sphere that God has called you to.

At ASM Online, students are immersed into a robust training curriculum that consists of teaching from key voices throughout the body of Christ, intentional discipleship with fellow students from across the world, and life changing study of the scriptures.

At the end of the 4-month school students will be:

1. Commissioned to make God known with Biblical clarity and conviction.

2. Trained and envisioned to change the world through anointed intercession.

3. Equipped with the necessary tools for the lifelong journey of discipleship.

4. Knit in community to marvelous comrades from around the world.

Online students will receive a total of 250 hours of teaching from world class instructors, 2-hours a week of intentional discipleship within core groups, reading and homework assignments that will emblazon the word of God on your heart, and weekly Bible study that will open your eyes to the grand story of God.

Tuition for ACTS School of Ministry Online is $1,950. Payment plans are available upon request.

Current and Past Instructors

Instructors vary year to year


Corey Russell



Brian and Grace Kim

Senior Pastors, HOUSE Denver


Stephen Venable



Misty Edwards

Guest Speaker


Lee Cummings

Guest Speaker


Michael and Lorisa Miller

Guest Speaker


Lou Engle

Guest Speaker


Raymond Phillips


6am - 7am


Personal Devotion

7am - 8am


Prayer Room

8am - 10am



10am - 12pm


Prayer Room

"One afternoon, our team was at a local temple for evangelism. For most of the afternoon the typical response we received was that, “Jesus is just one of the many gods.” My husband and I received a similar reaction from a small group of locals. When the conversation seemed to be at a stale-mate, we asked if they had any pain in their body. They looked at each other with hesitation, but finally one of the men admitted to having pain in his arm. We prayed for his arm and when we had finished he looked at us with wide eyes. With a startled look he started flailing his arm around in circles and shaking his wrist. All of the pain had gone. Not only that, but he was now open to hearing the Gospel. We told him the Good News and he received it. Immediately after, he wanted to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior, even denying the other gods in the temple we were in. He prayed and surrendered his life to Christ, all while continuing to shake his arm in amazement that the pain was still gone. We then encouraged him to pray for his friend who now told us he had a headache. Once again, the pain immediately went away as the friend looked on with amazement. She too decided to give her life to the Lord right there. We gained a new brother and sister to the Kingdom that day. Praise the Lord!"

"We were about to start worshipping at a crowded square when we noticed a man looking over at our group. One of us walked over to talk to him and struck up a conversation about the Gospel. At the end of the Gospel presentation, we prayed for the man. The man felt a profound sense of peace after the prayer. He knew that the God we worshiped must be the true living God and he gave his life to the Lord in that moment. Not only that, but he shared that he is an English teacher that has 350 students and said, “I am going to have all my students read the bible so they can learn about Jesus too.” This one salvation led to hundreds more hearing the Gospel!"

"During our outreach we spent almost two weeks working with refugee families who had recently been displaced by war. We brought packages of groceries, as well as the Gospel, to over 125 homes. At one of the homes we met a woman who had a dream of a Man in White and she described him saying, “His face was bright like the sun, and He pointed to two houses. One house where everyone goes to heaven, and one house where everyone goes to hell.” He then looked at her and asked her “which one do you choose?” This gave us an incredible opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with her and her whole family."