The Wilder School for Pioneers

June 17 – August 9, 2019

The Wilder School for Pioneers (WSP) exists to train and raise up mobilizers and campus missionaries who desire to see: (1) a new student prayer movement, (2) a new Jesus Movement, (3) a new Student Volunteer Missions Movement in their generation.

In the late 1800’s, a Princeton student named Robert Wilder gave himself to pray and work for revival, and to stir missionary interest everywhere he went. Robert, along with a few friends, would meet weekly in intercession for their college and for the purposes of God to be fulfilled in their generation. These small prayer meetings gave birth to campus prayer initiatives across the landscape of universities of America and a student missions movement known as the Student Volunteer Missions Movement where tens of thousands of young adults went to the ends of the earth with the gospel. It is to this end that the Robert Wilder School for Pioneers exists. We believe it’s time for a new generation of pioneers to pave the way for campus prayer, student revival, and a new student missions movement.

Next School Begins

June 17, 2019