The training program will consist of two phases.

Phase one will be the “experience” portion of our training where students will go overseas on a 2-3 week missions experience to the 10/40 window. Upon return, students will immediately plug into our Mount Hermon United gathering where young adults from around the nation will come together for a week of worship, prayer, and teaching. (more info on Mount Hermon United here)

Phase two will be the training portion of our program where students will engage in daily prayer, classes on the scripture, leadership mentoring, and small groups. Classroom time will be woven with hands-on practice and training where students can synthesize classroom material with real leadership opportunities.

Upon completion we aim that every student leaves with clear vision for their college/young adult years, and with a foundation of prayer and the Word of God. Select individuals may join our ACTS staff as part of our campus mobilization efforts or be further trained and sent back to their college campus as a full-time campus missionary.