What if we were to finish
the great commission
in our generation?

School of Frontier Missions

We believe there is no greater injustice than a lack of access to the gospel. Join us in making Jesus known among the unreached!

call of the pioneer

The Call of the Pioneer

There was a time when the Wild West captured the imagination of a generation. To explore, pioneer, and to conquer! Knowingly forsaking lives of comfort and ease, they dreamt as those who dream, to believe for a better, broader future.


90% of the unreached peoples are spread across North Africa, Asia and the Middle East - the region commonly known as the 10/40 Window.

Although the vast majority of unreached peoples live in this region, a mere 10% of all missionaries labor here.

Less than $1 of every $100 given by the Church is spent on reaching the unreached.

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