All of the world, God is raising up a movement of night and day prayer. This prayer movement, exemplified by ministries such as International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC), 24/7 Prayer, Fire & Fragrance, and many others, is rooted in intimacy with God, founded on scripture, filled with worship and music, and focused on the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

At ACTS, we desire to take our intercession into "the center of the plague," to send missionaries to bring night and day prayer into the hardest and darkest places on earth, where worship to Jesus is never heard and the beauty of Jesus is never seen. We desire to see 10,000 young pioneering leaders sent out to do worship and prayer, evangelism, discipleship and church planting among unreached people groups where missionaries are not yet seeing breakthrough. Where the latest strategies in missiology have not borne fruit, we simply raise an appeal to heaven that God would pour out His Spirit, move with power, and let His word run swiftly and be glorified.

In our six-month ACTS School of Frontier Missions, you will have an opportunity to engage in rich Bible training, hours of daily prayer and worship, intense discipleship experiences in community, and first-hand encounter with unreached people groups who have never had an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly. You will make life-long friends, encounter the beauty of Jesus as never before, and God willing, be ruined for anything less than giving your whole life so that the Lamb who was slain would receive the reward of His suffering in tribe, tongue and nation.



For those who are local in Colorado Springs, our daily prayer meetings are open to the public in our Antioch Prayer Room. Join and join us in praying for unreached people groups, and missionaries to be sent into the harvest in all nations!