The Antioch Center for Training and Sending (ACTS) School of Frontier Missions is a unique training program designed to equip young leaders (18-35 years old) to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and change the world through worship, prayer, and a bold witness. With a high premium on keeping the First and Great Commandment as their priority, students will be prepared and mobilized for the Great Commission and to blaze a pathway to build a culture of prayer and worship in the hardest and darkest places of the world.

ACTS School begins with three months of training at the Antioch Center for Training and Sending in Colorado Springs at Every Home for Christ (EHC). These three months of training are designed to equip the student as a missionary and plant worship-based prayer furnaces all over the world. Students will be immersed in the EHC prayer room and receive instruction from leaders and instructors like Brian Kim and Stephen Venable

After the initial three months of training, students will participate in a short-term international outreach to a region inside the 10/40 Window (possible locations include nations in North Africa, East Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, etc.). During this outreach, students will be sent out in ministry teams to partner with local leaders and churches to make disciples and plant worship-based prayer furnaces focused on exalting Jesus in the nations and contending for a great harvest.

Upon successful completion of the ACTS School training program, students who desire to receive further training as a full-time intercessory missionary can participate in an optional advanced training track that will further prepare students to succeed as cross-cultural intercessory missionaries. Upon successful completion of this second track, students will have the opportunity to be sent to the frontier mission field throughout the 10/40 Window.




July 31, 2016

Colorado Springs, CO

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How to Apply

The online ACTS application has five components and is not considered complete until all five components are submitted (including the $65 non-refundable application fee):

- Application form (completing the application may take between 30-60 minutes to complete)

- Personal essays

As part of your application, you are required to write two essays each between 350-700 words. Please take note of your spelling and grammar, as well as your presentation. Please attach these two essays with your application form below.

1. Personal Journey. Please write a summary of your personal journey in Christ, including your conversion, family life, and any experiences that you have had overseas on short-term or long-term outreaches. Please also include any life-controlling issues that you are struggling with, whether mental, emotional, or relational.

2. Life Vision and Ministry Plans. Please describe your goals for the future, including your life vision and ministry plans. Be as specific about your plans as possible. Please include your reasons for desiring to enter into ACTS and what you expect to gain from your training.

- Pastoral recommendation

Download Recommendation

- Personal recommendation

Download Recommendation

- $65 non-refundable application fee

- Notification of Acceptance

Please note that upon submitting your complete application packet (all required components), we will contact you within 10 business days via email or phone to set up a phone interview with you. We will begin to notify prospective students of acceptance beginning March 1, 2016. However, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible as we will give priority consideration to applicants who submit their applications early. We only expect to admit 50 students per class and we generally reach that threshold very quickly. Once we reach that threshold, we will place remaining qualified applicants on a waiting list. Upon your acceptance, you will receive an email, letter of acceptance, and/or phone call from us. A non-refundable deposit of $600 will be required within two weeks of acceptance notification to secure your spot in the program.

Dates and Details

We are now accepting applications for the July 2016 program of the Antioch Center for Training and Sending (ACTS) School of Frontier Missions hosted in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The application deadline is June 1, 2016 for the July 2016 program in Colorado Springs. We encourage you to submit your application as soon as you make a decision to attend the ACTS program as enrollment will be limited to 50 participants.

Please note that the ACTS program is a rigorous training program designed for young leaders (ages 18–35) who desire to be full-time intercessory missionaries. As we can only accept 50 participants, acceptance into the program is highly selective based on a number of practical factors, including commitment to God, demonstrated leadership, and life circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does ACTS School begin?

The next ACTS School in Colorado Springs will begin July 31, 2016 and end December 22, 2016. The application deadline is June 1, 2016.

Where will the ACTS School be held?

The lecture phase of the ACTS School will be hosted by the Antioch Center for Training and Sending in Colorado Springs, CO.

What are the program costs for ACTS?

Program costs are $6,000 for the lecture portion and approximately $4,000 for the outreach portion. (Costs include all training, housing and food costs; air transportation is not included) A non-refundable deposit of $600 will be required within 2 weeks of receiving your acceptance notification. For more information about program costs, please contact

Do ACTS School costs include room and board?

ACTS School costs cover room and board.

What is the estimated cost of air transportation for the outreach portion of Track 1?

The estimated cost for air transportation and all overseas costs (room and board) is $4,000.

Are there any additional costs that I should expect?

In addition to paying for your airfare to your outreach location, students will be responsible to pay any costs associated with obtaining a travel visa, a passport, immunizations, and other related travel costs.

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